Works remotely 

Distance Sessions 

If you would like to try BodyTalk and don't have a nearby practitioner, a distance session could work for you.  Booking is required but your physical presence is not.  

We would arrange a time for your session and you can either dial in for it, on Zoom or FaceTime, or allow me to carry on with the session remotely.  In both cases, a recording of the session will be sent to you. 

The BodyTalk protocol is carried out in exactly the same way as it would be in a face-to-face session and the techniques are the same as if I were working with you in the room.  

If you are hospitalised or abroad and feel you need an emergency session, BodyTalk distance sessions can be arranged and will not interfere with any other treatment you may be having. 

The price for distance sessions is the same as in person sessions. 

The science behind distance healing

In BodyTalk sessions, we transmit our observations for healing via frequency, by tuning into the client. This healing is the material change that people feel after a session, like, symptoms getting better or a mind set changing.  


It may be hard to fathom 'how' this happens when practitioner and client are in a room together and even harder to make sense of when you add time and distance to the equation: it's what Einstein called 'Spooky action, at a distance...'

However, in the modern world, much is transmitted wirelessly– internet, phone calls, transactions– all of which involve energy frequencies tuned into one another to send and receive information. During a BodyTalk session, the sender and receiver are the client and practitioner. Here, time and space are not limiting factors.  The same is true in BodyTalk distance sessions.

I, myself, have been successfully receiving remote BodyTalk sessions as a client with my practitioner who moved to the Far East in 2012.

There are many studies out there that talk about this in the scientific journals, as well as the many anecdotal testimonials of people who have experienced the transformative effects of distance work, in various modalities.


If you are intrigued to find out more, here is a useful link to Bernadette Doran's 2009 article The Science Behind Distant Healing  that will provide you with more in-depth thinking behind remote healing.