Yay, I'm so happy you’ve decided to learn more about the 'Lockdown Sessions'. 


The 'Lockdown Sessions' have been lovingly designed to support and guide you through a 40-day journey.  The daily practices and regular stops along the way, will anchor you through this time to increase your emotional, physical and energetic bandwidth.


Join us to release the that “stuff” you’ve accumulated over time, and free yourself of unnecessary baggage for your journey beyond the 40 days.  


Hello and Welcome! 

What to Expect

Brain Balance


Learn and apply this technique as part of your daily self-practice.  This technique engages ‘whole brain functioning’ by linking left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Known to reduce stress, enable mental clarity and relieve symptoms, this is a wonderful technique that you’ll come to rely on.

1-2-1 Sessions

Every 10 days

These hour-long BodyTalk sessions will access your innate ability to heal.  During our sessions, I will listen and pay attention to what your body has to tell me. Then, through remote holding and tapping, communication pathways to healing are established, that will upgrade your health and

feel-good factor.

Daily Meditation


Learn to cultivate a manageable daily meditation practice.  Daily meditation introduces silence and stillness in your mind and body creating internal peace clarity and fulfilment.  

Weekly live group sessions with @meditationwithrhodope will provide you with a meditation tool kit to guide you through your daily self-practice ritual. 

Create a fertile ground for your inner world to guide, nourish and support you.

During this time you will:

  • Upgrade your ability to deal with the situations that would ordinarily stress you out

  • Be able to keep feelings of overwhelm in check and learn to prioritise 

  • Become attuned to when you need rest or have some fun

  • Increase your creativity, adaptability and feelings of happiness 




Sunday 31st January 2021

Welcome session and group meditation 1hr



1st Feb – 13th March

Daily practices & weekly group meditations (Sunday)

Monday 1st February

1hr 1-2-1 with Yanni (time tbc)

Thursday 11th February

1hr 1-2-1 with Yanni (time tbc)

Saturday 21st February

1hr 1-2-1 with Yanni (time tbc)



Thursday 3rd March

1hr 1-2-1 with Yanni (time tbc)

Saturday 13th March

Good-bye and group meditation


Please email me at yannoula.webb@gmail.com to book your space.

Investment £220 - book in by 27th January to secure your place.


I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!