Completely safe

Easily integrated

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a consciousness-based healthcare system that opens a dialogue with the body.  But what does 'consciousness-based' mean?  


It simply means that we work at the level of frequency.  It's a bit like tuning a radio or receiving a message on your phone: the exchange of information is transmitted at the level of frequency, and then received, in you.


Harnessing the wisdom of Eastern and Western medical traditions, BodyTalk works on the physical level of the body to help heal injury or disease, as well on an energetic level to clear blockages to enduring health.  Physical and energetic balance is reflected in a balanced mind.

During a session, we listen to what the body has to tell us. Then, through light holding and tapping, pathways to healing are established, clearing the way to wellness. 

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from BodyTalk.  Whether you have a condition that you are struggling with or feel like you need emotional balance in your life, BodyTalk can help. 

BodyTalk understands that all the body's systems– physical, energetic, mental and spiritual– are interdependent and reliant on one another for their own functioning.  So BodyTalk works to tune up the various systems, which alleviates, and sometimes completely heals a range of conditions.

BodyTalk can easily integrate into any healthcare regime to support you on your health journey. Equally, it can work wonderfully as a stand-alone treatment.

It is important to understand that BodyTalk does not diagnose or prescribe.  If you think you have a serious medical condition, please visit your doctor, who will advise you on the appropriate care.  

Is it for me?

BodyTalk provides you with the time and space to step of the matrix of your every day life, giving you a powerful space to connect with yourself, once more.  

Enhancing the internal communication systems of the body has a material effect on your health and wel-being.  It gives the sensation of being secure in, and adaptable to, the world around you.  It's what we often call feeling in control. 

During a session, we talk, and then you lie on the treatment couch, fully dressed, whilst I enter into a dialogue with your body. My observations are transmitted to you via light holding and tapping on your body, which is typically a comfortable and relaxing feeling.  

However, if you do feel any discomfort during a session, I warmly invite you to share this with me so that we might work through this together.

What commitment must I make?

BodyTalk sessions depend on you.  Showing up is the most important part and here's what the commitment looks like.

Your initial session will last approximately 1.5hrs and follow up sessions an hour.  The time between appointments will be advised at the end of each session, but follow up is usually every three weeks.  

After the initial consultation, I may recommend that clients have a VMLD session with me.  This is so we get any stagnant fluids moving, flushing out toxins in the process and creating the environment for deeper work to take place in BodyTalk sessions.

After this, a minimum of four BodyTalk sessions is recommended.  This generally allows clients to feel a shift and gain clarity on how BodyTalk is going for them. 

There are no other special instructions other than to be open and let the intelligence of the system open up to you.


Initial session, 1.5hrs @ £155.00

Follow up Session, 1hr @ £110  

Please contact me directly for up-to-date clinic hours for the various locations: W12, W11 & E8

If you require financial assistance, please contact me.  Spaces for financially assisted clients are limited.  You may be required to go on a waiting list. 

Does it work for children and babies?

Parents are often relieved to find a safe and effective healthcare modality that can address a variety of concerns.  Everything from bedwetting to bad sleeping can lead parents to a BodyTalkers door, as can more challenging childhood diseases and conditions that families need support with. 


Having three school age children myself, I'm grateful to the BodyTalk systems ability to provide me with clarity and to help my children learn how to better digest life and shake off emotionally challenging situations.  It has also been an effective tool with their colds, coughs and anxieties. 


Sessions on children use the same methodology as an adult BodyTalk session, but a child is not required to sit or lie still if they are too young to or have a condition that means they can't.  I will advise you to bring a toy or book for them to play with and may use you as a surrogate during the session.  You will be required to sit in on the session and will therefore have complete disclosure.