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What is Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage?

The Veltheim Method of lymphatic drainage (VMLD) is a wonderful stand-alone technique for health and vitality and is a highly-regarded add-on to the BodyTalk system, due to its cleansing, revitalising and balancing effects.


The importance of lymphatic circulation is often underestimated, and yet it plays a vital role in fluid balance, immunity and lipid absorption.  Without these functions, we lose protection against pathogens, make our cells 'sick' by altering their biochemistry, and create the environment that contributes to a host of conditions and diseases, including cellulitis, oedema, endometriosis, period pains and irregular periods, enlarged prostate, affected sperm production and cancer.

High stress levels, abuse of drugs and alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle affects the balanced functioning of your lymphatic system.  Physical sluggishness and stagnation is reflected in appearance, energy and mind.

As well as boosting immunity and improving vitality for the client, other pleasant side effects are a slimmer appearance and improved skin tone, as stagnant fluid is eliminated from the body.

How often should I have VMLD?

I may advise new BodyTalk clients to begin with a VMLD session in order to to get the internal body fluids moving.


This improves immunity and detoxifies, allowing deeper work to take place.  After this, I may advise you to have further VMLD sessions as part of your BodyTalk process. 

However, VMLD is a stand alone technique and therefore open to everyone.  I find clients love the revitalising feeling they get form the sessions especially those with problematic periods or menopause.  Or if you  are going back into the gym after a hiatus, VMLD is a great way of moving the lactic acid build up. It's an excellent post surgery recovery tool that also avoids build up around scar tissue. 

For general maintenance, it is advisable to come once every three months, at the change of season.  Your body is a part of nature and as such benefits from the recalibrating effects of VMLD.   It facilitates something that we often find hard to achieve in the grind of everyday life.  It is therefore a great way to connect with and remember your place in nature. 

How is VMLD performed and are there contraindications?

This form of lymphatic is developed and taught as an on the body technique, but also one that can be done over clothing and above the body, energetically.  This is very exciting, particularly for people recovering after surgery when we can use energetic touch to work on healing tissue around scars and wounds. 

It is entirely up to you which to choose and I can happily discuss the options with you should you wish me to.

Unlike BodyTalk, there are some things to pay attention to when booking in for VMLD.  If you have particularly heavy periods it is wise to check where you are in your moon cycle before you book.  Heavy flow may be further stimulated and so sessions are best avoided whilst you are bleeding or just before.


If you are under the care of a doctor and they say you shouldn't be having lymphatic work, you must listen to their advice. Although, there should be no contraindication if we work off the body.